Egger Corporation’s commitment to high standards, competence, and professionalism are key elements for success, as the company expands into the international hearing health care marketplace.

Since its inception in 1956, Egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik GmbH, Kempten, Federal Republic of Germany, has been delivering high-quality otoplastics—earmolds, impression taking materials, hearing protection, and training—to its worldwide customer base. This focus on high quality is fundamental to the company’s identity. “Reliability and quality are the cornerstones of the Egger philosophy,” says Markus Röllig, who is responsible for international sales and business development. “The work on individual otoplastic items demands concentration and passion for detail on our part. In our laboratory we are able to comply with high customer demands.”

Staff members at the new Egger-Atlanta facility include (left to right): Rimma Shagiyeva, Michaela Hold, Mike Sauter, George Messner, Pete Loyd, and Markus Röllig.

The company delivers its products to about 80 countries and has consistently increased sales contacts since the 1970s. “A decisive factor for the constant growth was the continuous further development from specialized business for otoplastic production to a system provider for the entire sphere of laboratory technique,” says Röllig. The company is a regular fixture at exhibitions throughout Europe and United States.

Sales contacts are not the only way Egger has increased its presence in the otoplastic market. The company recently opened a US facility in Atlanta, which offers numerous advantages to its North American customers, including the elimination of the substantial time difference between the United States and Canada and the Federal Republic. It helps in other ways as well. “[With the Atlanta office], we offer optimal availability to our customers,” says Röllig. “Atlanta was chosen as a location for Egger USA as it has excellent traffic connections and thus enables quick deliveries to customers. Deliveries within the United States make the handling easier. Customs formalities are not necessary any longer and that leaves us with more time to address a greater number of customers. We are able to come up to our high standard of quality not only within Europe but also in the United States.”

The company’s commitment to high-quality service is reflected in the way it supports its products. “High-quality materials, innovative technique, and reliable delivery service are the basics for our worldwide partnership with otoplastic manufacturers,” says Röllig.

He adds that the wide variety of Egger products gives dispensers the ability to find a hearing solution for their customers. “You can count on us,” says Röllig. “We take care of the items and services that you need. And we are always open for what you desire.”

When developing new products, the company keeps abreast of new trends and innovations, integrating them into new products. All new products are thoroughly tested in the company’s laboratories and specialized shops. “Only after the products/materials have passed this practical test will they be added to our program,” says Röllig. “Thus, we offer utmost security and reliability to our customers and this differentiates us from our competitors. With our specialist shops giving us direct market access, our products are not merely reactions to market changes.”

The company trades not only in products that can be put in patients’ ears, but in knowledge that can be put in dispensers’ minds, offering a variety of training courses and seminars in practice and theory ranging from basic “journeyman” to advanced “master” courses. It also offers international courses for technicians. “We share our knowledge, because sharing knowledge is not diminishing it, but rather increasing it,” says Röllig.

For Egger, the future is tied to something other than just advanced technology—relationships and developing new outlets. “A fast-growing market needs competent, flexible, and innovative partners,” says Röllig. “Egger sees its future development here. With the foundation of Egger Corp [USA], we want to intensify our flexibility, our market presence, and our competitiveness in the US market. Individuality, competence, and professionalism are the guarantee that Egger remains a reliable partner in the future all over the world.”

Rosie M. Banks is a contributing writer to Hearing Products Report.