Minneapolis — ReSound reports that results from a recent study of the company’s iSolate nanotech protective coating show significantly reduced moisture related hearing aid repairs.

ReSound says that in a review of 50,000 hearing aids sold, the iSolate nanotech protective coating was shown to decrease moisture and debris related repairs by 50% in the first 6 months.

"The benefits of iSolate nanotech become more evident with time," said Jennifer Groth, global audiology, ReSound, in a press statement. "We expect even better results at the 9-12 month mark."

iSolate works by coating all elements of a hearing aid with a thin protective layer that bonds at a molecular level with the internal and external components, shielding them without affecting their performance. Liquids or moisture coming into contact with any element of the hearing aid, including internal elements, roll off without being absorbed.

iSolate is also intended to treat completed hearing aid devices, not just individual vulnerable components. The substance is applied in a vacuum chamber, ensuring global coating of all parts, inside and out.