Somerset, NJ – Oticon Medical has redesigned its Web Site, The new Web platform includes fresh content that addresses the interests and needs of both professionals and new and experienced users of bone anchored hearing systems.

The multimedia Web site also emphasizes “choice” for medical professionals end users, highlighting the the company’s Ponto system’s range of sound processors, accessories, implant components, and surgical instruments.

Other sections provide information on the bone anchored treatment process, the latest improvements in bone anchored solutions, and testimonials from experienced users and the latest news and clinical studies.

Additionally, visitors can find reports on independent tests and clinical studies, Oticon Medical brochures, and other materials, which are available in 10 languages.

Oticon Medical’s CEO, Jes Olsen, stated in a press release about the new site, “The detailed information contained on the website is designed to give physicians and hearing care professionals easy access to the newest innovations and enhancements in sound processors, implants, fitting software, patient accessories and surgical tools and to empower new and existing users to make informed decisions about bone anchored hearing solutions.”

SOURCE: Oticon Medical