PETALUMA, Calif — FrontRow has announced the launch of its newest addition to their product line.  The IR Speaker unit, which works with the FrontRow Pro Digital classroom sound system, is a single-speaker unit that integrates three speakers and an IR sensor.  Now installations just include two IR Speakers per classroom, instead of four individual speakers and up to two IR sensors.  Fewer components to install means quicker and more efficient installations, saving schools money. 

“Our commitment to quality and simplicity is embodied in the IR Speaker,” said John Merline, Director of Marketing at FrontRow. “We designed it specifically for the classroom environment, meeting the schools’ needs for more efficient installations, while maintaining premium sound quality and coverage.”

FrontRow sound systems are specifically designed for K-12 classrooms’ need for simplicity, comfort, and clarity. The products clarify and evenly distribute the teacher’s voice throughout the classroom, allowing students to understand teachers better regardless of where they’re seated. A teacher using a FrontRow product wears a wireless microphone, and his or her voice is broadcast through the receiver and speakers. Key research studies have shown the technology supports instructional quality through improvements in student attention, comprehension, behavior, and test scores. In addition, teachers experience significantly fewer episodes of laryngitis and other voice-related illnesses because FrontRow lets them teach while speaking at a normal voice level.

SOURCE: FrontRow; photo courtesy of FrontRow ©2007 Phonic Ear, Inc.

Headquartered in Petaluma, Calif, FrontRow is a division of Phonic Ear, whose wireless technology has helped build learning environments since the mid-1960s. Beginning in 2005, the FrontRow division has focused on using classroom amplification (sound field) technology to improve students’ listening success, resulting in better behavior, comprehension, test scores, and teacher vocal health. This US Green Building Council Member is also the only ISO-registered supplier of classroom amplification technology in the market. In addition, Educational Underwriters has vetted the research behind FrontRow products. For more information, please visit