Audio Energy

Audio Energy provides customized battery packaging that enables the dispenser to see more patients, sell more hearing aids, and create customer referrals—all popular packaging options available.

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Energizer Battery Co

Full line of zinc air hearing aid batteries including the Energizer EZ Change. Energizer Alkaline batteries for test equipment.

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iCellTech Corp

iCellTech’s new generation hearing aid batteries are specially designed to operate with a longer lifetime in high-current drain applications, maintaining higher operating voltage and an increased voltage reserve to the 1.1 V cutoff limit of the latest digital hearing aid devices.

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Booth No 1702


Micropower Battery Co

Retailer/wholesaler of zinc air hearing aid batteries.

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Rayovac Corporation

Rayovac is the #1 choice of hearing care professionals. By leading the industry in product performance, technology advancements, marketing programs, and service, Rayovac has earned the trust of professionals across the globe. Contact us to find out more about how Rayovac is committed to investing in your business.

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“Swiss Made Energy for the Long Run.” When you recommend Renata maratone batteries, your patients will benefit from Renata’s consistently great, marathon-like performance. These batteries are designed to perform so that patients return to you again and again, because Renata maratone is only available from hearing healthcare professionals like you. For a sweet deal—including great prices, terrific Swiss chocolates and Swatch watches, and to learn more about Renata maratone, we invite you to visit principals–of Kessler and Renata at AAA (booth #1743), or to contact your authorized Renata battery distributor.

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Varta Microbattery Inc. (PowerOne)

Power one demonstrates world-class innovation by being the first to offer primary and secondary battery technology for hearing instruments. These rechargeable batteries (p10 accu, p13 accu, p312 accu & p675 accu) deliver highly reliable performance with the convenience of our patented pen charger. Also featured are next generation IMPLANT Plus batteries for cochlear implants.

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Top Performance Batteries at Best Value. ZeniPower has 20 years history making hearing aid batteries and is one of the top manufacturers on both quality and quantity. Supplying UK NHS hospitals as well as world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, ZeniPower batteries proved to be high performance and high reliability. Stable voltage above 1.1V will power your full digital hearing aid perfectly. Top value and private label service to save your cost! Try our free samples at AAA Booth No 2159, 2167.
Booth No 2159, 2167




3Shape A/S

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Booth No 1846


AMI Semiconductor

AMI Semiconductor offers the most widely deployed open platform DSP systems for the hearing aid market, including the Toccata Plus and Orela 4500 series.

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Booth No 214


Hermetic Switch Inc

Booth No 602


In’Tech Industries Inc

In’Tech is a leading supplier of miniature plastic hearing aid component parts for the hearing health industry throughout the world. Offering a variety of standard products to the industry, along with in-house custom design, tooling, and SLA capabilities to meet your specific needs. Our product line features faceplates, digital ear shells and earmolds, wax guard systems, BTE cases, faceplate programming systems, venting systems, and a variety of other miscellaneous components.

(763) 576-8100
Booth No 1868


IntriCon (RTI)

IntriCon-RTI is a leading world supplier of digital circuit solutions and algorithms for the hearing health and related industries.

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Knowles Electronics

Knowles Electronics manufactures a full line of microphones, receivers, electromechanical controls, telecoils, and wax protection components for all ranges of hearing instruments.

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Booth No 2164


Sonion is a leader in components for the hearing industry, providing a complete line of microphones, receivers, telecoils, volume controls, trimmers, switches, combination units, programming systems and wax protection. This comprehensive product portfolio is a result of Sonion’s continuous research and development effort striving toward smaller size, higher quality and better performance. Please visit our booth to see the very latest Superior Solutions Made Smaller.

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Sound Design Technologies Ltd

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