Otoharmonics Corporation, makers of the Levo System for tinnitus, announces the Otoharmonics Veterans Assistance Program to recognize and honor those who have served in the US military. Starting this Veteran’s Day, active-duty and retired veterans may be nominated to receive a reduced-cost Levo System to offset the out-of-pocket expenses associated with tinnitus therapy.

“This initiative continues Otoharmonics’ long-standing dedication to expand and improve care for service men and women,” said Michael Baker, CEO and President of Otoharmonics. “We are thankful for the VA-sponsored clinics that currently offer the Levo System and look forward to seeing access to evidence-based therapy with the Levo System expand nationwide.”

Open to all active or retired members of the United States Military, qualified veterans can be nominated for the Otoharmonics Veterans Assistance Program by visiting Otoharmonics.com/OVAP. The Levo System is available by prescription only from a qualified healthcare provider. 

Tinnitus is the leading service-related disability among US veterans, according to the American Tinnitus Association (ATA). An often-overlooked outcome of active duty, tinnitus is typically a result of exposure to loud noise. Whether it’s from a high-noise environment such as flight, use of heavy machinery, or being near severe and sudden explosives, the effects of tinnitus can be long-lasting. Left untreated, symptoms may increase over time and significantly impact quality of life.

Compatible with the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Tinnitus published by the American Academy of Otolaryngology and the VA’s Progressive Tinnitus Management Program, the Levo System is said to offer sound therapy that has been shown to reduce the level of tinnitus intensity and improve quality of life in several published peer-reviewed studies, according to Otoharmonics.

Source: Otoharmonics