photo Tinnitus Device
A new full-color brochure about the Aurex-3® non-invasive tinnitus treatment and control device is available from its manufacturer, ADM-Tronics Unlimited, Inc. The literature describes the device which consists of a table-top control unit and a hand-held applicator. A photo of the overall unit is provided, along with an illustration showing a patient using the device.
     The Aurex-3® probe is designed to be placed behind the ear near the mastoid bone and operated via the control unit. Three sliding controls on the control unit reportedly allow the user to adjust the intensity, frequency and blending of the energy applied by the probe. The device is not worn by the patient and is designed to be used 3-4 times daily for 3-5 min. each time.
ADM-Tronics Unlimited, Inc., Northvale, NJ, (201) 767-6040