David W. Holmes, PhD, president and CEO of the Hearing & Balance Centers, based in Hurst and Keller, Tex, introduces The Inhibitor, his FDA-approved device for tinnitus.

The Inhibitor is a handheld device that emits a 60-second ultrasonic signal that provides temporary relief by suppressing and inhibiting tinnitus, according to a statement released by the company. It says further that nearly 75% of patients who were treated noticed either total or partial reduction in the loudness—with relief ranging from minutes, to hours, days, or weeks.

“One out of every six people has some form of tinnitus—a constant distressing noise heard in their head,” Holmes says in the statement.

The statement says that candidates for treatment are determined using evaluation software also developed by Holmes. The software includes evaluation for CPT-92625, and automatically generates a report and letter of medical necessity for the physician and insurance company. Holmes estimates that with four evaluations a day, health care professionals can generate up to $60,000 per year, according to the statement.

Holmes, who is board certified in audiology, is the recipient of more than $2 million in research grant funding over the years, says the statement. He has led the Hearing and Balance Centers since 1993, and has also been the director of clinical trials at Texas Medical & Surgical Associates in Dallas.

Holmes has held academic positions such as associate professor and director of the Brain Mapping and Evoked Potential Laboratory at the University of North Texas. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology.

[Source: Hearing and Balance Centers]