Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, has been invited on “The Global Learning Series” program dealing with understanding auditory health, airing on public television stations throughout the United States this fall and winter. Additionally, Starkey will be featured on several cable television stations throughout the country, as well as on Voice of America programming internationally.

“The Global Learning Series” will highlight facts about the human auditory system and Starkey’s educational, philanthropic, and research efforts to provide hearing aid users with more natural, more normal hearing.

“We’re proud to be an education partner with Starkey, a global leader in emerging paradigms and new modalities in hearing technology,” says John McGuire, senior producer of programming for “The Global Learning Series.” “The joy of crystal clear hearing and its quality of life implications will be explored on this emotionally compelling program.”

“The Global Learning Series” is education focused, issue-oriented and non-commercial, and is independently produced and distributed directly to public television stations around the country. The program strictly follows the standards and practices of public television, and is distributed freely to public television stations nationwide. It is not affiliated with PBS.

[SOURCE: Business Wire, August 28, 2006]