Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc, Piscataway, NJ, recently introduced several new product models and enhancements at the Academy of Doctors of Audiology’s (ADA) 2009 Convention in Florida.

Among them were new product models in the Motion, Explorer, and Nitro lines. Technology enhancements in all of the product lines aim to give wearers more flexibility and solutions to meet a range of hearing loss types for adults and children. The new products feature compatibility with Siemens accessories, such as the Tek wireless enhancement system, and the Pro Pocket and ePen remote controls.

The company also offers new tools in its CONNEXX fitting software for hearing care professionals to demonstrate the audio and visual effects of hearing loss to patients and their families. The hearing loss simulator module in the CONNEXX fitting software allows a normal-hearing person to experience the impact or severity of hearing loss of their loved one. The real-time display graphically demonstrates amplification and signal processing features such as SoundSmoothing, which softens startling impulse sounds such as rustling paper or breaking glass for more comfortable listening. With real-time display, patients can see and understand the benefit of having a specific technology feature in a certain hearing aid model versus not having the feature in another, says the company.

Designed for wearers with mild through severe hearing loss, the new Motion 100 MX provides user-friendly operation, and offers a cost-effective option in a small size. It features push-button and volume control in a smaller housing than other Motion models. All Motion models are fully automatic, which allows wearers to enjoy complex listening environments without needing to change programs or adjust the volume.

Motion 100 MX will also feature compatibility with two Siemens accessories, the ePen and Pro Pocket remote control systems. ePen is a discreet, pen-like remote that controls instrument function while on-the-go. Pro Pocket features larger buttons for those who prefer a more traditional remote control. Both are small enough to fit into a purse or pocket to provide control over nearly all instrument functions, says the company.

The newest addition to the Nitro family of products, the Nitro behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing instrument was developed for wearers with severe to profound hearing loss, and it is designed with intelligent amplification to meet special requirements for clarity and volume, says the company.

Nitro features an advanced adaptive directional microphone that is proven to enhance speech clarity by automatically focusing on signals in the front and reducing unnecessary noise beside and behind the wearer, according to the company. Wind and other distracting noises are automatically reduced. Siemens e2e wireless 2.0 technology synchronizes the left and right hearing instruments to provide a true binaural listening experience.

Nitro BTE instruments offer direct wireless connection to mobile phones, MP3 players, and televisions using the Tek wireless enhancement system. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, Tek feeds audio signals from personal audio equipment directly into the wearer’s hearing aids. Nitro BTE instruments are also compatible with the ePen and Pro Pocket remote control systems.

Siemens Explorer 500 M is the latest addition to the Explorer product family, providing an even smaller option for little ears. Specially designed for children from birth to adolescence with moderate through severe hearing loss, it is robust enough to withstand the everyday activities of childhood while small enough to fit perfectly behind the ears of younger wearers, says the company.

The device was developed with attention to safety, says the company, noting that all controls are positioned for easy access by parents and the ear hook features a special child lock. A mechanism in the battery compartment makes it easy for an adult to open but inaccessible to a child. The hearing aid housing is strong enough to withstand chewing by a baby and resists damage if dropped. The nanocoated housing also resists moisture, dirt, and grease.

It is available in 16 vibrant colors, and offers a range of features to meet the requirements of different age groups. The instruments can be used in a classroom setting using FM technology, enabling the child to more clearly hear the teacher’s voice. It can also be enhanced with the Tek wireless system to meet the growing technology needs of young children and teens who frequently use video games, cell phones, MP3 players, and other audio devices.

[Source: Siemens]