Stäfa, Switzerland – Phonak has introduced the new Phonak CROS, a new wireless CROS-based technology that offers flexible hearing solutions for those with unilateral hearing loss.

CROS is an acronym for Contralateral Routing of Signals, a new technology designed to even out auditory perception by redirecting sound signals transmitted to the unaidable ear to the better ear. If the better ear is also affected by a loss of hearing, a hearing aid can pick up the sound signal and amplify these signals. This is referred to as a BiCROS solution.

The Phonak CROS has no additional internal or external sound transmission components. Thanks to its Spice chipset, sound signals can be transmitted wirelessly, automatically redirecting the audio signal at full bandwidth from the unaidable ear to the hearing instrument (receiver) in the other ear.

As a result, Phonak CROS is also compatible with the full range of new wireless Spice hearing aids, which allows the CROS user to benefit from Phonak features such as SoundFlow, Real Ear Sound, UltraZoom with SNR-Boost, SoundRecover, and FlexControl.

The new CROS solution is compatible with a variety of Phonak’s hearing aid lines, including Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia, Audéo S SMART, and Audéo S YES.

SOURCE: Phonak