New York-based EarQ, now a nearly 15-year-old company, has announced that due to the success of its partnerships, patient-generating programs, customized website creation, and multimedia marketing services, the company is significantly expanding its talent and resources to create more opportunities for independent hearing practices.

“Now with 14 business consultants on staff, a web management team, and a full-service in-house marketing department, no organization offers a larger team with more comprehensive services in hearing healthcare,” said Andrew Hebert, vice president of EarQ. “We’re making it easier than ever for independent practice owners to focus on patient care while watching their practices grow. The industry is facing unprecedented growth, and EarQ providers are ready for the challenge.”

Joining the EarQ team are several business consultants, digital marketing experts, and logistics coordinators, among others, who will help grow the consulting services provided by the company. Through this targeted expansion, EarQ hopes to enhance its dedication to its members and offer them new ways to succeed in today’s quickly-shifting business landscape.

EarQ is a nationwide network of independent hearing healthcare providers that advocate for excellence in the industry and in patient care. Through its 1,400 hearing healthcare provider locations nationwide, EarQ helps provide greater access to quality hearing healthcare services and products.

Source: EarQ