Burnsville, Minn — Testing for hearing loss and finding an audiologist are getting more mobile. NowiHear.com, a division of AuDNet Inc, has released a NowiHear app for the Android platform. The free app provides consumers with a quick hearing check adapted from the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) revision of the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery’s “Five-minute Hearing Test.”

The BHI test was validated by Ruth Bentler, PhD. and Sergei Kochkin, PhD, as an effective predictor of hearing loss in a study including nearly 1,000 patients. Bentler and Kochkin published their findings in The Hearing Review November 2010 edition.

The Android app also provides instant access to local audiologists via NowiHear.com’s Audiologist Locator, as well as an educational video and other consumer-targeted audiology information.

“With the exponential increase of the mobile app market, we believe it is necessary to remain relevant and continue to reach consumers where they source information and ultimately make buying decisions,” remarked David Smriga, MA, president and founder of AuDNet, in the press statement. “For the past several years, our efforts to market the Audiology profession have been focused primarily on Internet search and social media, but we are well aware of the impact of smartphones and tablets and are enhancing our strategy to meet the mobile demand.”

To download the NowiHear app 1.0, visit the Android Market. NowiHear.com is a Web-based audiolgy referral service that refers consumers to licensed audiologists in their area.

SOURCE: NowIhear.com