Christine Ingemi, a mom of 4 kids under age 11, invented iHearSafe Earbuds, which are  safe volume earbuds. Ingemi attended and displayed them at the Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children at Work and Play, in Covington, Ky, the first national conference convened to specifically address hearing loss among children.

With MP3 player in hand along with her iHearSafe Earbuds she was able to set up and show how this product could reduce noise-induced hearing loss along with posting one of her several tests performed on the iHearSafe Earbuds. This Audiological Report by Board Certified Audiologist Dana R. Fiske showed that the volume of the iHearSafe earbuds never exceeds 80 dB SPL, which are within the safe listening limits guidelines set by NIOSH, one of the conferences supporters. The US government guidelines indicate hearing loss can begin at volumes of 85 decibels. If the highest volume the earbuds can produce is below the level where hearing damage occurs, it is clear to see they are the safest way a parent can prevent noise-induced hearing loss with earbuds.

Another key safety feature to the iHearSafe Earbuds is the sound is not so loud that your child would not be able to hear their surroundings safely, including on coming traffic or even someone calling them. Also, by only listening at a safe level kids are training their ears to continue to listen safely throughout life making this a three-fold safety product. The iHearSafe Earbuds are not limited to just children. They can also be beneficial to adults under the NIOSH guidelines in the work place.

The iHearSafe Earbuds use a patent pending technology that is not limited to just MP3 players. They are versatile for all audio products including DVD players, video games, cell phones, stereos, TVs, and computers.

Parents will not have to worry about their kids turning up the volume at all because the iHearSafe Earbuds can’t be circumvented. The volume can never go beyond 80 decibels no matter how high ANY device is turned up.

“The solution to this growing problem can be solved by being proactive and taking control by replacing any earbuds with the iHearSafe Earbuds,” said Ingemi. “Any parent should ask themselves this question, ‘Would I rather take the chance that my child will turn down the volume just because he or she was told to, or would I rather take this issue right out of the equation by simply switching to the iHearSafe Earbuds?’ Sounds like a no brainer to me.”

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[SOURCE: PR Web, November 2006]