The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA),Bethesda, Md, had contracted with Knowlera Media to produce a series of seven, 4-minute, captioned videos on hearing loss, featuring information in an easy-to-access format.

The message is that most people can be helped with their hearing loss. 

A team of hearing care professionals cover the following topics:

  • Hearing loss fasic facts
  • Hearing loss symptoms
  • Hearing loss diagnosis
  • Hearing loss treatments
  • Living with hearing loss
  • Hearing loss causes and prevention
  • Hearing aids, cochlear implants and assistive listening devices

In addition to sound medical and audiological advice, two Hearing Loss Association of America members, Reed Doughty and Bonnie O’Leary, talk about their hearing loss.

The last video includes suggestions for finding mutual support through HLAA chapters and information about the HLAA and the work it does on behalf of 36 million people with hearing loss in the United States.

The open-captioned and noncaptioned versions of the videos are on, the Web site known for its "See how the experts do it" videos. The videos can be found in the Health and Fitness category. The caption versions appear when you click the tab "All Videos by This Expert." The videos also appear captioned on and

Knowlera Media also offers the videos to 300-plus Web sites that license their video content. A shortened broadcast news version of the videos will be added to Knowlera Media’s news library and made available to local television stations across the country that license their content. In the Washington, WRC-NBC Channel 4 uses their content on television.

[Source: HLAA]