SoundGear, the official hearing protection partner of Pheasants Forever’s Habitat Organization, announced that the SoundGear Phantom, a hearing aid that offers hearing protection with “an unrivaled custom fit and Bluetooth capabilities,” is back in stock in time for October’s National Protect your Hearing Month.  

SoundGear represents the latest advancements in hearing protection solutions, according to the company’s announcement. This family of products “helps protect your hearing from loud noises like gunshots, engines, and power tools, and our electronic products will also enhance environmental awareness.” Made by Starkey, SoundGear electronic devices feature “advanced digital technology capable of providing a noise reduction rating of 22 dB and up to 30 dB of amplification vs traditional non-electronic devices that only attenuate or reduce sound to protect against noise damage.”

“There have been few technological advancements made in hearing solutions for hunters and shooters, and Starkey wanted to change that,” said Starkey Chief Technology Officer Achin Bhowmik, PhD. “Enabled by Starkey’s unparalleled sound quality and industry-leading reputation for manufacturing custom devices, SoundGear’s Phantom is revolutionizing hearing protection, going beyond what exists today. As the world’s first custom, Bluetooth-compatible and rechargeable hearing aid and protection device incorporating real-time sound management with advanced algorithms, Phantom offers the performance and reliability that top hunters and shooters demand when selecting gear.”

Custom-molded to the ear, Phantom offers “a personalized fit.” Thanks to Bluetooth compatibility, users can stream calls, music, or other audio directly from their smartphones to the device, according to the company. Additionally, one overnight charge ensures power “all day long.” SoundGear is currently available in North America.

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Source: SoundGear

Images: SoundGear