Celebrating 11 years of Loud Shirt Day, Queenslander’s are invited to frock up and get loud by hosting their own fundraising fiesta with their family, in their workplace, or with friends on Friday, October 19 to raise funds for children with hearing loss.

A national initiative supported by Hear and Say, seeks to provide hearing impaired children in Australia the intervention, support, and technology required in order to reach their full potential, the hearing care nonprofit announced.

The therapy Hear and Say delivers, combined with the most advanced hearing technology, helps children who are deaf or hard-of- hearing listen and speak, just like their hearing peers.

According to Hear and Say’s announcement, raising funds for Loud Shirt Day is as simple as wearing your weirdest and wackiest shirt, dyeing your hair an outrageous color, dressing up in an outlandish outfit, or simply making a commitment to getting loud for deaf kids. 

Hear and Say CEO, Chris McCarthy, said raising funds for children with hearing loss in the community has never been so fun. 

“It’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up in your best and brightest and help give the gift of sound and speech to children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing,” said McCarthy.  “We want to encourage as many families, individuals, workplaces, and sporting groups to get involved with Loud Shirt Day and raise the funds to support Hear and Say’s Early Intervention programs.”

“Money raised will go directly towards children who are impacted by hearing loss—$75 can help our audiology team complete a detailed assessment report on a child’s hearing,” he said.

Queenslanders are encouraged to get loud in a bid to help enable children to live lives to their fullest and loudest as early identification of hearing issues leads to better speech, language, and better lives.

For more information or to register your event visit: www.loudshirtday.com.au 

Source: Hear and Say

Image: Hear and Say