Depression, Hearing Loss, and Treatment with Hearing Aids” by audiologist and educator Victor Bray, PhD, is a PDF article and webinar, produced in April 2019 by The Hearing Review and sponsored by Hamilton® CapTel®, that presents a comprehensive overview of what we know about this subject, and provides a strong case for the partnership of audiologists and mental health experts in the battle against chronic depression.

In the article, Dr Bray challenges some of our traditional “cause-and-effect type” explanations for how hearing loss may increase the risk of depression, revealing why the situation may be more complex than previously thought. He reviews previous landmark studies—along with many recent exciting findings—and provides insights into specific patient populations whose lives might be positively transformed with appropriately fit hearing aids, cochlear implants, assistive devices and captioned telephones, and/or auditory training and hearing care services. The article also offers intriguing commentary on what might be viewed as an extremely important future area for hearing healthcare professionals.

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