Daniel Levitin, PhD

Daniel Levitin, PhD, an internationally known neuroscientist, was featured as keynote speaker at two recent Human Link Conferences in Atlanta and Denver hosted by Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ.

Levitin addressed how the human brain processes the vast array of sounds—from phonemes to speech, and from single notes to music. He discussed bottom-up processes such as the physiologic basis of hearing, and top-down processes such as what happens to sound percepts as the brain organizes raw sound into meaningful messages.

“Dr Levitin’s ability to translate the intricate neurophysiology and neuroscience involved in the perception of speech sounds into useful and inspirational concepts to be applied to those with hearing loss was outstanding," says Peer Lauritsen, president of Oticon.

After the presentation, Levitin engaged in workshops with attendees, addressing topics such as; spatiality, long- and short-term memory, absolute and relative pitch, computers, neural prosthetics, and autographed hundreds of books for participants.
Levitin is the James McGill professor in the Department of Psychology at McGill University, Montreal. In addition to his New York Times bestseller This Is Your Brain On Music: The Science of a Human Obsession,  Levitin recently released The World in Six Songs. He is well known among musicians and fans, and prior to becoming a neuroscientist, Levitin was an accomplished  musician, producer and record company executive.