Naperville, Ill — The Hearing News Network (HNN) will now include content provided by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) in its digital network through a new feature called "Hearing Loss in the News.”

BHI’s content will stream as a weekly update that will include an archived series of current and historical content that HNN subscribers can select from an online library. Some of the BHI content will be featured with a digital twist that incorporates video within the body of each story to enhance the message.

HNN stories are categorized into standard sections, much like a traditional newspaper. Sections such as health, sports, travel, weather, finance, life, and entertainment are used to demonstrate the impact of hearing loss across all aspects of lifestyle.

Sergei Kochkin, PhD, executive director of the Better Hearing Institute, explained in the press release, “Our material is written with the consumer of hearing health care in mind. The team at HHN will take the best nuggets from some of our comprehensive reports and provide it in such a way that the consumer will pick up information they may never have had the opportunity to learn in the typical hearing health care journey."

Robert J. Oswald, president and founder of HNN, added, “We believe that the extraordinary efforts put forth by Dr Kochkin and his team will enable BHI to reach a wider target audience, as both the patient and caregiver are situated within the intimacy of the 100 plus waiting rooms that HNN broadcasts to daily within hearing health care practices.”

SOURCE: The Hearing News Network (HNN)