Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers, Louisville, Ky, operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management, Inc, (HHM), introduces the Arris PHD Plus and Arris PHD Plus Link, communication systems that tackle challenges for those with hearing loss, providing ultimate sound quality that is delivered in sync with the listening environment.

Designed to keep up with today’s active lifestyles, both products feature connectivity, small designs, durability, and ease of listening while moving from one environment to another.

The PHD Plus is offered in three models: the m9, m7, and m5, which protect listening quality at all sound levels, minimizing fatigue while maximizing speech understanding. Feedback whistle has been virtually eliminated.  The new processor delivers Spatial Sound, which helps users locate sound sources better, and automatically filter competing background noises.

The Arris PHD Plus Link is also offered in three models: the m480, m460, and m440. The products are paired with the Streamer, which uses Bluetooth technology to automatically collect signals from electronic devices such as cell phones, home phones, mp3 players, DVD players, and TVs, transmitting them directly to the instruments.

The hearing systems are available in a range of fashionable colors. 

Avada operates more than 275 hearing health care centers nationwide.