Month: September 2010

The Efficacy of Fractal Music Employed in Hearing Aids for Tinnitus Management

A music program employed in a hearing aid provides a relaxing sound background so adult wearers may use it for relaxation in quiet when listening to speech/environment is not critical. In the hands of those who are trained in tinnitus management, this may represent a discreet sound therapy tool for those with hearing loss and tinnitus. This survey was conducted to determine if clinicians trained in tinnitus management would find the program useful for their tinnitus patients.

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In-FORM-ation for Better Patient CarePart 1: A Look at the Patient History Form and How it Might be Used More Effectively

Part 1 in this series examines the “standard” Patient History Form and offers ideas on how it can be better used to screen for “red flags,” understand the patient’s hearing health issues, paint a rough portrait of the audiogram and speech scores, and uncover possible auditory anomalies prior to audiological testing.

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