Month: June 2003

Tech Focus: Audiometers and Real Ear Measurement Equipment

In this special Tech Focus, The Hearing Review shines a spotlight on selected audiometers used by hearing health care professionals in the testing and fitting of hearing instruments. The information presented here was supplied to HR by the respective manufacturers of the products. To obtain more information on these test chambers, fill out the Reader Service Card found on page 66 of this magazine, or contact the companies directly.

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The HR 2003 Dispenser Survey

Tremendous changes are occurring within the hearing healthcare field, including a dramatic movement toward high-end digital devices, lower prices for most types and technologies of hearing instruments, and a continued downward trend in the number of first-time customers visiting dispensing offices. Find out what else is happening and how your business stacks up.

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Interpreting the Directivity Index (DI)

The most common method for quantifying the directionality of a hearing aid is through the use of the directivity index (DI). Unfortunately, there are at least three different ways in which DI can be expressed. Learn how to recognize the differences between the various uses of the term DI.

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