DAY 1 & 2

This two-day course is for audiologists, technicians, physicians and other healthcare professionals who are involved in performing and interpreting the VNG/ENG test. The course provides practical information necessary to make the VNG/ENG test an effective part of the diagnostic process.

We begin at a basic level and proceed systematically through more challenging topics as each step in the administration and interpretation of the test is discussed in detail, including instructions to the patient, effect of medications on test results, and identifying and recording of disconjugate eye movements. Common vestibular and central pathologies are reviewed and their manifestations on different parts of VNG/ENG are described.

Learning objectives:

  • Perform and analyze the VNG/ENG test accurately and more efficiently
  • Identify abnormal findings in different parts of VNG/ENG and describe their clinical significance
  • Recognize and avoid common errors and artifacts in VNG/ENG
  • Recognize the need for other vestibular tests, such as head impulse, rotation, and VEMP testing and correlate their findings with VNG/ENG results
  • Describe the underlying pathophysiology of different vestibular and central disorders


Prerequisite: Completing the two-day comprehensive VNG/ENG course or its equivalent.

This course is for audiologists and other healthcare professionals who are familiar with VNG/ENG testing and wish to see a demonstration of actual procedures and interpretation of the test. The course also includes a demonstration of bedside and office vestibular tests. A training DVD containing actual test results will be provided so that the participants can practice analyzing and interpreting the test on their own. (1-3 p.m.).

Video Head Impulse test – Theory and hands-on session (3-5 p.m.).

Learning objectives:

  • Gain practical experience in performing, analyzing and interpreting the VNG/ENG test
  • Recognize the clinical utility and significance of bedside/ office vestibular tests and be able to perform them correctly
  • Gain practical experience with the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV

Full course: 2.1 CEU’s