Unitron US has enhanced its “Locate a Professional” feature on its website, aimed at helping people who suspect they may have hearing loss quickly and easily find the help they need.

The newly enhanced “locate a professional” feature helps a visitor to the Unitron US website find a professional in their local area searching by city, state, and/or zip code. Search results provide clinic names and phone numbers, and an integrated Google map offers directions.

Unitron Find a Prof

Unitron’s website also allows people with hearing loss, or those who suspect that they may have a hearing loss, and their families the ability to:

  • Take a hearing self-assessment similar to Unitron’s popular uHear™ iTunes® application
  • View the different hearing device styles, fit, and color
  • Learn about the process of having their hearing tested and being fitted with hearing instruments

“We’re actively seeking new ways to support our hearing healthcare partners,” says Rodney Schutt, president, Unitron US. “Too often, people who suspect they have hearing loss fail to seek treatment because they are not sure of the process or where to go for help. We’re just making it simpler for them to find a hearing professional and take that next step to getting the information they need.”

SOURCE: Unitron US