Computers Unlimited (CU), Billings, Mont, has received official notification from HIMSA of the successful testing and certification of Audiology version 5.1.1 of TIMS Software integration with NOAH 3.6.1.

“NOAH is such a commonly used tool in audiology and hearing aid clinics,” says Tom Robbins, senior manager of CU’s audiology business development. “It is a huge benefit to our customers to be able to integrate testing results with the rest of their office management system.

"Certification is not only a priority, but also a true advantage," he said, adding "to be the only independently developed software package in North America—to achieve it is huge.”

TIMS Software, combined with NOAH audiogram, provides a consolidated list of all NOAH records for each patient in the same screen where audiologists and dispensers keep visit records in TIMS. The partnership also integrates NOAH audiograms with standard and custom TIMS diagnostic reports.

For more information, send an e-mail to Tom Robbins.

CU is a software provider of practice management software for audiologists and others.
For more than 30 years, their line of Total Information Management System (TIMS) Software products has assisted companies of all sizes.

[Source: Computers Unlimited]