Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM), an online resource for hearing professionals and consumers with hearing loss, announced its release of the results of the 2018 Hearing Professional Dispensing Survey. 

The online survey was conducted in May 2018 for the purpose of exploring professional opinion and dispensing patterns in the United States. Approximately 300 audiologists completed the 23-question survey, along with 11 non-audiologist dispensing professionals (6 Hearing Instrument Specialists and 5 classified as “other”). 

Hearing Professional Survey Offers Insights 

The survey explored many different aspects of dispensing hearing aids, as well as opinions on topics like OTC hearing aids. In 2017, an HHTM survey found that 65% of audiologists believed OTC devices would have a negative impact on their clinic. However, one year later, the survey shows those numbers have been cut in half. 

Interestingly, despite reservations by some, nearly 50% of respondents said they’d be willing to sell OTC hearing aids at their clinic once the devices become widely available. 

Opinions on Hearing Aid Affordability and Accessibility, Dispensing Patterns and Practices

One of the most striking responses from the survey revealed that over half of all respondents said they believed hearing aids are not affordable and accessible for most Americans today. 

Click the link here to gain access to the full survey below for additional insights into topics such as: hmost popular hearing aid brands, average hearing aid prices, service bundling, top referral sources, etc. 

Source: HHTM

Image: HHTM