July 25, 2007

Sonus reported it has boosted its network member benefits in a move it says is designed to provide support to audiologists at all stages of their careers.

The expanded Sonus program comprises scholarship funds earmarked for college students as well as $7 million in loans to encourage business ownership. As part of the expansion the comapny says it has also moved to match members’ retirement funds.

Fortifying the programs available to network members is part of a plan Sonus reports will help hearing professionals strengthen their practices and maximize customer service and satisfaction.

“We’ve had a terrific response from the audiology community, particularly among AuD students, who are excited to learn how Sonus can help them enhance both their business and professional skills at any point in their careers,” Dan Quall, senior vice president of the Sonus Network, says.

Quall highlights a range of Sonus Network benefits that includes the following:

• Sonus College Scholarship Program in partnership with Scholarship America that offers up to eight $2,500 awards each year for 3rd- and 4th-year doctorate of audiology students.

• Greenhouse Training Program for new graduates designed by Sonus to extend beyond traditional classroom instruction. The program provides an opportunity for newly-minted audiologists to learn more about clinical audiology, hearing aid dispensing, business development and service

• Mid-Career Greenhouse Training Programs created by Sonus to provide training for network members to build business.

• Sonus Loan Program that allows audiologists at any point in their careers to look to Sonus for help in providing the resources to purchase or expand their own clinics. Some of the highlights of the program include access to multiple manufacturers and a comprehensive business plan advisory option. To date, Sonus has provided $7 million in loans.

• Business Tools to Ensure Success, including priority access to marketing programs, competitive pricing on equipment and products from the industry’s vendors, educational courses, managed-care contract referrals, professional and personal wealth-building plans and data management systems.

• Sonus Savings Plan assists members to plan and invest in their retirement with a plan that matches $10 for every $50, and $25 for every $100.

Source: Sonus