Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, continues its campaign to protect the hearing health of football fans by warning them of noise hazards in sports arenas and sports bars during the Super Bowl season. The company is launching this year’s hearing health campaign in advance of the February 1, 2015 kick off date by issuing easy-to-read infographics designed to capture fan attention and raise awareness. Oticon’s graphics include fun facts about sports and noise with helpful advice about hearing protection and hearing care.

According to its announcement, Oticon is reaching out to the public through traditional and social media, and the company will partner with hearing care professionals to reach consumers in communities nationwide.

“Super Bowl excitement gives us an opportunity to remind people that good hearing is something to cheer about,” said Sheena Oliver, vice president of marketing at Oticon. “Our big game noise infographic is designed to deliver fun facts about the impact of noise on the field and in the stands. It focuses not only on good sense hearing practices, but also on the many ways good hearing enriches our lives.”

Oticon audiologist Annette Mazevski, AuD, was among the hearing health professionals who reviewed existing research on hearing and game noise and conducted some of the informal research featured in the infographic. To gather data for the campaign and its infographics, Dr Mazevski and other Oticon audiologists visited popular sports bars during previous NFL playoffs seasons to test noise levels.

“We found that on average, bar noise was in the 80 decibel range, about the noise level of an alarm clock,” said Dr Mazevski. “During touchdowns, fan noise rose to 110 decibels, and during big plays, ratcheted up even higher to 114.9 decibels – louder than a car horn.”

To learn more and view the sports and noise infographics, visit the Oticon website.

Source: Oticon