Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace today. As competitors come together to expand their reach globally or complete a product portfolio they also must face integration challenges, including the integration of safety programs.

A new free, white paper from Howard Leight, San Diego, titled Best Practices in a Hearing Conservation Program: US Airways, details how the merger between US Airways and America West led the newly formed company to enhance its occupational hearing conservation program. It is available to download at

The white paper examines how, in the time since America West merged with US Airways to become the number four carrier in the United States, the new US Airways endeavored to consolidate and enhance its corporate safety program—and specifically its hearing conservation program.

The white paper identifies and discusses the best practices of an occupational hearing conservation program including:

  • Involving employees in the hearing protection device process.
  • Making audiometric testing accessible to all employees.
  • Using motivational materials to support employee understanding of the hearing conservation program.

"The program was developed by combining the strongest and most effective elements of each of the two original airlines’ programs. The result is a lesson in best practices management," said Renee S. Bessette, COHC, marketing manager, Howard Leight/Sperian Hearing Protection LLC.

[Source: Howard Leight/Sperian]