Los Angeles — AuDNet, Inc in partnership with InSound Medical, Inc, Newark, Calif, has announced the launch of an select Lyric Hearing training program, which seeks to educate AuDNet members and licensed audiologists about the advantages of Lyric technology, as well as best practices for marketing the device to patients.

The training program will be held by Gregory Frazer, AuD, PhD, director of audiology at Los Angeles, California-based Pacific Eye and Ear Specialists, and will offer one-to-one training with a handful of qualified AuDNet audiologists whose practices cater to patients seeking “higher-end” hearing loss solutions.

“Having spent over three years learning how to best fit and program the Lyric, while also having the opportunity to hear from patients as to what they like about the device, I’m excited to finally have the platform to share my knowledge with other audiologists,” remarked Dr. Frazer in a press statement. “I truly believe that InSound has created a high-value, high-quality product that gives patients a sense of freedom and satisfaction unmatched by traditional hearing aid devices,” he added.

The Lyric Hearing training program is open to AuDNet member audiologists and will be available through December 31, 2010. For more information about the program call 800-308-7290 or email [email protected].