Crawley, West Sussex, UK— Siemens Hearing Instruments has announced that its IMPACT line has been upgraded and placed onto the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain’s National Framework agreement, allowing the IMPACT line to be insured under the NHS.

The new IMPACT Pro product family features several new features. including FeedbackStopper, designed to cancel feedback without any sound distortion through adaptive phase cancellation combined with a 25 Hz Transient Frequency Shift that shifts the entire output so that feedback is stopped quickly with no audible artifacts.

IMPACT also includes SoundBrilliance technology, designed to enhance the perception of high quality sounds by artificially extending high frequency output.

In addition, the line utilizes AutoFit to optimize workflow and help achieve improved patient outcomes.

All IMPACT Pro and IMPACT hearing instruments are compatible with Siemens’ wireless Bluetooth enhancement system, miniTek, which provides wireless connectivity to consumer devices such as TVs, mobile phones, and MP3 players,

MiniTek’s upgraded features include the ability to connect with two Tek Transmitters, allowing users to connect two phones simultaneously and make and receive calls from either their Bluetooth mobile or Bluetooth enabled landline.

For further details on these enhancements, visit Siemens’ website in the UK.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments