The Ida Institute, Naerum, Denmark, is inviting hearing care professionals worldwide to share their best descriptions/explanations of an audiogram in a challenge that will earn the winning submission an all-expense-paid trip to the next Institute seminar.

Discussion among hearing care professionals at Institute seminars about the challenges associated with explaining the audiogram was the catalyst for the call for submissions. 

Members of the Institute’s advisory board will review and select the winning submission and other outstanding explanations for posting on its site.

Participants should send a script or description of their approach, not to exceed two typewritten pages, to Sharmi Albrechtsen via e-mail. Original graphic materials and photos may also be submitted with the two-page script/description. Graphics or photographs from other sources are ineligible. 

The deadline for submissions is September 15.  The winning submission and other explanations will be posted on the Web site in late October, says the Institute. 

[Source: Ida Institute]