The Dynamic Ear Co, Delft, The Netherlands, introduces the DM series of passive filters for hearing protection, which offer high-quality acoustic performance in a discreet, miniature package, the company says.

The filters measure 6.4mm in diameter, and 3.5mm in height.

The series has been designed for musicians, music lovers, and concertgoers who require state-of-the-art hearing protection while maintaining clarity of sound and full music dynamics, the company says. DM allows communication in music venues and the placement of instruments without removal of the filter.

Products include:

  • The DM White, providing a flat attenuation curve, with an SNR of 22dB
  • The DM Blue, which includes resonance compensation in the 2.7Khz range, and an SNR of 17dB

The DI series shares the package dimensions of the DM, and is available with a range of SNR figures. The first two products have an SNR of 21 and 24.

Filtōr products provide high levels of ear ventilation, reducing the occlusion effect and maximizing user comfort, according to the company.

[Source: Dynamic Ear Co]