Vancouver, Wash — Audigy Group, a hearing care management company for private independent practice owners, reports that there will be a record number of attendees at its Patients for Life training summit in Baltimore; the summit will be held later this month on November 17th to November 21st.

The event will host nearly 200 Audigy Group Members and their staff from over 51 practices nationwide. Twenty-five Audigy Group staffers will oversee and conduct the two-day-long educational conference.

The meeting in Baltimore is the first to merge Patients for Life, a patient interaction program designed to maximize patient retention and satisfaction through all aspects of the practice, with its digital counterpart, e-patient, a digital visual education platform for the exam room.

The November training’s attendance numbers have risen significantly since the first 2008 Patients for Life summit, which hosted 10 attendees and was conducted by a single Audigy Group staff member.

Audigy Group said that it plans to build upon the momentum and success of this event in its preparation for further growth and development in 2011.

SOURCE: Audigy Group