Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, reports that staff members from the Starkey Hearing Research Center, Berkeley, Calif, contributed to the success of the 4th International National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research (NCRAR) Conference in Portland, Ore, from October 7 to 9.

The conference, titled The Ear-Brain System: Approaches to the Study and Treatment of Hearing Loss, included Sridhar Kalluri, PhD, manager of hearing science for Starkey, and Starkey Hearing Research Center collaborator Professor Ervin Hafter from the University of California at Berkeley, as invited presenters. Brent Edwards, PhD, Starkey VP of research served on the Program Committee.

“This was an important conference, and we are proud to have participated in its organization and execution,” Edwards said in a statement released by the company. “The Starkey Hearing Research Center is at the forefront of exciting research that will provide more information about how the ears and brain work together to allow people to hear. This conference gave us the opportunity to share our research and learn from others in the research community.”

Starkey research contributions to the conference agenda included Consideration of auditory scene analysis in the design of hearing aids, Is there a hearing aid for the thinking person, and Are Acceptable Noise Levels and Preferred Listening Levels Related? The last item was a poster presented by Karrie Recker, Starkey research audiologist.

[Source: Starkey]