Aug. 10, 2007

LAFAYETTE, Ind — After a thorough review process, the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) has chosen Christopher Spankovich, AuD, as the 2007 recipient of its Leo Doerfler, PhD Memorial Scholarship Award. The $5,000 scholarship honors Doerfler’s leadership in audiology’s development, as well as his commitment to understanding audiology’s scientific underpinnings. This scholarship is awarded to a PhD student who already holds the AuD degree.

 Spankovich earned his AuD in 2006 from Rush University, and also holds a Master of Public Health degree from Emory University. He is currently enrolled in a PhD program at Vanderbilt University with an interest in auditory physiology. According to his academic advisor, Linda J. Hood, PhD, Spankovich is completing his first PhD research project on hearing and nutrition and has “an insatiable quest for discovery and understanding—all with a focus on cochlear physiology, the characteristics of hearing, and the needs of those with hearing loss.”