Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation, Chicago, is offering a limited-time, trade-in program for users of other brands of custom earphones.

The program features a $250 price reduction on its custom earphones—including the 2X-S, 2MAX, and 3D active ambient models—to customers who send in their old custom earphones in trade.

“People get into the habit of buying the same brand, over and over, then wondering why they’re not getting great bass response, or why they have discomfort and soreness after long playing sessions," says Michael Santucci, the company’s president and founder. "We’re so confident that our earphones are the solution, we’re paying a bounty to get (conventional hard-plastic designs) off the stage.”

To qualify, users must supply the company with their new ear impressions and their old custom earphones, which can be any brand, in any condition. All sales and trade-ins are final.

For details, visit the Web site or call (877) 848-1714. The program runs through the end of the 2008 calendar year.