From left to right: Gary Rosenblum, Oticon, HIA Incoming Board Chair; Brandon Sawalich, Starkey, HIA Outgoing Board Chair

Elected in the spring of 2017, Brandon Sawalich, President and CEO, Starkey, now hands over the Chairmanship of the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) to Gary Rosenblum, President, Oticon, Inc, HIA announced. The members of HIA elected Rosenblum unanimously to this position.

Daniel Liberman, President, WSAudiology US

“It is an honor to serve as Chair of HIA,” said Rosenblum. “The coming years will be critical for the hearing industry and Brandon has laid a great foundation for our future. I look forward to working together with my colleagues on the board of directors and the members of our association to improve the lives of all people who seek better hearing through our technologies.”

Mikkel Knudsen, President, ReSound Commercial US

“Through the hard work of a dedicated HIA Board, our members and focused leadership, we have educated federal, state, and local government leaders, the hearing industry’s professional associations, and most importantly, we educated those with hearing loss who want to hear better and live better,” said Sawalich. “I have humbly served as Chairman of HIA for four years, and now I proudly pass on the responsibility to another passionate industry leader, Gary Rosenblum.”

Sandy Brandmeier, Sonova President, has been elected to serve as Vice Chair. Sawalich will remain on the Board of Directors. Other board members include Mikkel Knudsen, President, ReSound Commercial US, and Daniel Liberman, President, WSAudiology US.

Sandy Brandmeier, President, Sonova

“I want to express my thanks to Brandon for his leadership and dedication to the complex issue of hearing health,” said Kate Carr, President, HIA. “Our organization is stronger today for his work, and I look forward to continuing our efforts to bring better hearing health to more people with our new Chair, Gary Rosenblum.”

The hearing industry is driving innovation in hearing technology, public policy, and patient safety and education. HIA is deeply engaged in the issues of the day, including the anticipated OTC regulation and the potential expansion of Medicare benefits to include hearing, dental, and vision. With an aging population and the growing evidence of the negative impacts of hearing loss, HIA will continue to emphasize the importance of hearing well.

Source: HIA

Image: HIA