Phonak has expanded its CROS line, releasing Phonak CROS H2O and Phonak CROS 13 for single sided deafness. Based on Phonak’s Spice+ platform, CROS H2O offers improved water and dust resistance for active users, and CROS 13 is designed for longer battery life in a variety of ITE configurations.

Designed for patients with single sided deafness, the CROS (Contralateral Routing of Signals) solution provides full bandwidth of audio transmission between the ears for improved sound quality. Based on Phonak’s M H2O BTE housing, the Phonak CROS H2O (pictured) offers a hearing aid with IP67 certification, the highest level of water and dust resistance, and also includes a size 13 battery for longer battery lifetime. Several retention options give active lifestyle users a secure fit while keeping the ear open and comfortable with the water-resistant Spice+ hearing aid on the better ear.

The second new form factor is the Phonak CROS 13, designed for people who desire longer battery life in a cosmetically attractive custom solution. The CROS 13 is offered in a wide variety of ITE CROS styles and faceplates with a size 13 battery.

Both new CROS solutions connect and fit with Phonak Target™ 2.1 fitting software.

SOURCE: Phonak