April 24, 2007

GN Otometrics (www.gnotometrics.com) is launching OTOsuite™ at the American Academy of Audiology’s 19th Annual Convention and Expo in Denver through April 21.

OTOsuite links individual diagnostic and fitting tools together and provides users with a single point of entry to Immittance, Audiometry, Speech Mapping and Hearing Loss/Hearing Instrument Simulators. The OTOsuite universe is characterized by a seamless dataflow and direct integration with NOAH and external systems. It is designed to eliminate the need to switch back and forth between individual applications and allow users to move freely from one work process to another.

The practice workflow is enhanced and the time savings derived from it significant – even for people working through NOAH.

A company news release stated that OTOsuite’s primary benefit is its unique reporting capability. Measurement data from both diagnostic and fitting instruments can be combined into one report, making the documentation process both easier and more professional.

GN Otometrics also says the product will reduce paperwork to allow practitioners to spend more time with patients or on individual care. Furthermore, OTOsuite allows data from non-GN Otometrics instruments to be included in reports by using NOAH.
“Integration is a mega trend in the hearing health care industry, with clinics focusing more than ever on efficiency and throughput,” said Soren Holst, president of GN Otometrics. “We know how important integration is to our customers and are aggressively developing products to meet their needs.  The OTOsuite Universe is an excellent example of our commitment as it is, ultimately, the intelligence behind this integration.”
Four GN Otometrics instruments are available in the OTOsuite Universe; AURICAL Visible Speech, the MADSEN OTOflex tympanometer and the MADSEN Xeta and MADSEN Itera II audiometers. Additionally, the MADSEN Conera and AURICAL Plus audiometers connect through a data link.

OTOsuite Universe, and its combined reporting feature, will be demonstrated at GN Otometrics’ booth #303 along with the OTOsuite compatible instruments. Products from the company’s balance assessment portfolio, including the ICS Chartr 200 vestibular system with a new, compact light bar, will also be on display.

 Source: GN Otometrics (www.gnotometrics.com)