At my desk last month I answered the phone to find someone yelling at me. Now, I’m used to getting the occasional earful from people in the industry, but this guy wasn’t in the industry and he wasn’t yelling at me because of something done wrong. He was yelling because of his hearing loss and he was calling because of something done right. Namely, this magazine. In short, his audiologist here in Los Angeles was not a subscriber. Having gotten his hands on a past issue that he enjoyed reading, he wanted to know how he could get the magazine delivered directly to her. I told him the easiest way would be to have her go to this website ( and click the “subscribe” link on the home page. He copied the Web address down as I spelled it out and then he told me not only about how glad he was he found our publication, but also how happy he was with the new hearing aid he’d just been fitted with, even though it wasn’t quite yet dialed in. We talked a few more minutes, he thanked me for my help, and we hung up. Call me sentimental, but I came away energized by his appreciation and appreciative of the opportunity to connect with a person benefitting from what this industry has to offer.

Will Campbell
[email protected]