The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has combined its resources on hearing to be easily accessible in one section of its website, titled “Hearing Loss.”

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The categories included on the CDC’s main page include: Infants and Children, Workplace Noise, Youth and Adults at Home and Community, and CDC Surveillance Survey Questions on Hearing Loss; more detailed subcategories can be accessed by clicking on the main category heading links for additional information and articles on topics such as recommended hearing protection, data on hearing loss among the general population, and determining potential hearing loss in children.

The website also includes a plethora of “Additional Resources About Noise and Hearing,” which includes a Teacher’s Guide to hearing protection, links to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent “World Report on Hearing,” and a thorough list of professional associations and other organizations involved in hearing loss prevention and education.

To visit the website, please click here.

Source: CDC