The Business Intelligence Group named 13 executives, 56 companies, and 81 products as leaders and winners of the 2022 BIG Innovation Awards. Soundwave Hearing announced that its Sontro Hearing Aids were a 2022 winner! 

What are the Big Innovation Awards?

Business Intelligence Group organizes this annual business awards program recognizing organizations, products, and people that are bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways. 

Why was Soundwave’s Sontro Hearing Aids a winner in the Big Innovation Awards? 

Soundwave Hearing’s new SMART hearing aid and mobile app are “revolutionizing self-fitting hearing aid technology,” according to the company’s announcement. The Sontro Hearing Aids (Model AI) are wireless, self-programming hearing aids that have been developed to amplify sound for individuals 18 years or older with perceived mild-to-moderate hearing impairment. 

Sonto Hearing Aids connect via  Bluetooth to the otoTune app, which administers a clinically validated hearing test to identify the user’s hearing threshold and listening needs. Once the three-minute test is complete, users can adjust volume, frequency tones, and listening modes directly on the otoTune app.

Where can I purchase Sontro Hearing Aids?

The new Sontro Hearing Aids are sold at participating audiology practices and directly on for $999.00. Sontro Hearing Aids have been designed to be sold over-the-counter, once the FDA’s regulations are finalized.  

“By taking advantage of the ease and accessibility of the mobile phone in your pocket, we offer cutting-edge and stylish hearing solutions, allowing consumers to set up, customize, and adjust their hearing from the comfort and privacy of home,”  said Anthony Florek, co-founder and president of Soundwave Hearing, LLC. “We are giving access to high-quality hearing technology at an extremely affordable price by eliminating barriers of cost, time, and stigma that continue to affect large populations in need.”

What are the Sontro Hearing Aid and otoTune App specifications?

The Sontro Hearing Aids signal processing includes: 16-channel wide dynamic range compression and SMART features: noise reduction, feedback cancellation, automatic mode selection, and adaptive directionality.

The Sontro Hearing Aid package consists of Soundwave Hearing’s proprietary hardware and software design, the otoTune app, and accessories supplied in the box and hearing aid case. The hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free guarantee, 1-year warranty, and are eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement. 

Does Soundwave have a patent on their technology?

The patented otoTune app functions with a user’s compatible mobile phone. It is available free for download on iOS- (version 11.0 or higher) or Android- (version 6.0 or higher) based systems. The otoTune app pairs effortlessly to the Sontro Hearing Aids (Model AI), allowing users to take an “audiogram-quality hearing test to program the hearing aids for appropriate amplification.” Users can customize their hearing aids using the mobile app to best navigate their hearing needs based on environmental and circumstantial factors.

How do the Sontro Hearing Aids work with the otoTune app? 

Soundwave’s Sontro Hearing Aids are powered by the SMART otoTune app.

  • Order the Sontro Hearing Aids.
  • Download the otoTune app.
  • Take the 3-minuted otoTune Hearing Test on your phone.
  • Your Sontro Hearing Aids are automatically programmed to your hearing threshold.
  • Seamlessly adjust volume, frequency tones, and listening modes directly on the SMART otoTune app.

Source: Soundwave Hearing

Images: Soundwave Hearing, Business Intelligence Group