Signia announced that it has been named a finalist in the 2021 Digiday Awards in the Best Product Launch Campaign category for Signia Active X , “a breakthrough earbud-style hearing aid that dissolves stigma and enhances human performance by providing best-in-class hearing support in a discreet and modern style,” according to the company’s description.

The Digiday Awards is an annual recognition of the companies and campaigns modernizing media and marketing. The Best Product Launch Campaign category awards the campaigns that have most successfully launched a new product, brand, or service.

“We’re honored to be named a finalist by one of the most prestigious media and marketing organizations for the launch of Signia Active X,” said Mike O’Neil, President of Signia US. “Over 466 million people suffer from hearing loss globally, yet only 17% of those that could benefit from a hearing aid actually use one – largely due to stigma. We’ve designed Signia Active X to appeal to this unaided market, shattering the stigma and ultimately driving widespread hearing aid adoption. As an organization, we have an obligation to shed light on both this global problem and our breakthrough new solution – and we’re proud that we’ve done so with our Digiday-recognized launch campaign.”[1],[2]

Introduced in March 2021, Signia Active X is “an entirely new category of hearing aids that enhance human performance by providing top-quality hearing technology in a consumer earbud style.” These “industry-changing hearing aids feature breakthrough signal processing technology for optimized hearing in any environment, while its earbud design ensures enhanced hearing without the stigma.”

Whether filtering out distracting background noise or focusing in on a conversation, Signia Active wearers can gain “the optimized hearing they need to perform exceptionally no matter where they are.”

The launch of Signia Active X spoke to millions of people around the globe, even those in their 30s and 40s, who are experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss – but aren’t getting the professional help they need due to the stigma associated with hearing aids.

The campaign “successfully communicated to consumers and the larger medical community that while hearing aids were once bulky and unattractive, Signia is now making devices that pack the latest technology into a consumer earbud style.”

“Developing a groundbreaking product like Signia Active X requires an equally innovative product launch campaign – one comprised of effective public relations, social media marketing, video production, hearing community outreach, and more,” said O’Neil. “We achieved that with Active’s launch, and we’re honored to be recognized by Digiday alongside some of the biggest and boldest consumer brands in the world.”

For more information on Signia Active X, click here.


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Source: Signia

Images: Signia