MDHearingAid, a direct-to-consumer hearing aid companies, has announced it is partnering with the nonprofit Housing Opportunities & Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.) to give away 250 free hearing aids to seniors with low incomes who have shown signs of hearing loss. The hearing aids are “high-quality, FDA-registered medical devices that are programmed to the highest standards by in-house audiologists,” according to MDHearingAid. Aside from hearing improvement, hearing aids have cognitive and social benefits for the senior community—more information about the benefits of hearing aids can be found here

H.O.M.E. is a Chicago organization that “fosters joy, independence, and connection for older adults with low incomes.” Most residents at H.O.M.E. facilities do not have family or friends to act as advocates or advisors; those people would typically help to facilitate an appointment with an audiologist and help navigate the financial components of spending on aids. By partnering, MDHearingAid “helps to shoulder that burden, making it convenient and without cost to those most in need.” 

MDHearingAid has a goal to donate $100,000 worth of hearing aids during this collaboration. They will start by providing free hearing screenings and free hearing aids to residents at the three H.O.M.E. buildings, with assistance from H.O.M.E. staff Cassidy Olson (Development Director) and Nikki Moustafa (Housing Director). Visit to learn more about this partnership and how you can contribute to this cause.

Source: MDHearingAid