Hal-Hen has announced the release of the Hal-Hen® EarView™ PRO™ Versatile Video Otoscopy system. For the first time, multiple Otoscopy functions are combined into one easy-to-use, lightweight, affordable system available exclusively from Hal-Hen®.

Hal-Hen describes the new product as “a revolution in hearing healthcare,” saying the EarView™ PRO™ Versatile Video Otoscopy System provides a powerful multifunctional tool for hearing care professionals. EarView PRO combines video otoscopy, examination, accurate otoblock placement, cerumen management, documentation and archiving, vacuum aspiration, still and motion picture captures, combined with a number of highly specialized probes.

The EarView PRO is extremely light and ergonomic, and brings advanced versatile video otoscopy to most any practice. EarView PRO is compatible with Microsoft Windows versions: 7, 8 and 10, and interfaces through your PC’s USB port. Images appear on your computer screen in real time, providing first-person viewing of the ear canal.

EarView PRO is a multifunctional video otoscope which provides the user with many helpful features, including:

  • Easy to use and set up in minutes using any Microsoft® Windows 7, 8, or 10 based computer
  • Fully self-contained, no bulky external power source required, plugs directly into a powered USB port or AC powered USB hub
  • Feather light with an approximately 1.5oz. probe wand, EarView™PRO, virtually eliminates muscle fatigue
  • Interchangeable unique cleaning tips for maximum flexibility
  • Cool, bright adjustable LED/Fiber-optic illumination
  • Exclusive “sticky” Probe Tips for maximum cleaning versatility
  • Includes exclusive Ear Viewer™ standard and advanced software package
  • Live view, still image or motion picture capture
  • Attaches to optional vacuum source for suctioning
  • Easy cleanup using standard alcohol-free disinfectant wipes

Hal-Hen reports that the system has already been tested at a number of seminars, with positive results. The system also was recently exhibited at the California Academy of Audiology and IHS meetings, where it received a positive reception among hearing healthcare professionals attending these events.

For additional information about the EarView PRO, call Hal-Hen at: (800) 242-5436, or visit the Hal-Hen Pro website.

Source: Hal-Hen