Kauffman.jpg (7740 bytes) As the publishers of 16 magazines dedicated to the field of health care, we’ve launched numerous publications over the past 13 years. That being said, the launch of a new magazine is inevitably followed by a period of great uncertainty. Despite the hard work that goes into producing a publication that its creators know to be top-quality, it is simply impossible to predict how readers will respond to it.

For the staff of Hearing Products Report (HPR), that period of uncertainty is over. Not only have we received many kind words and compliments about the magazine from readers and advertisers alike, but the numbers are now in: as of the writing of this editor’s message, HPR has generated well over 2,200 sales leads. The meaning of this number is twofold. We have managed to provide information to our readers that they found useful; and our advertisers’ investment in our venture has proven a wise one. So the verdict is in, and it is unanimous: HPR is a success. Thank you to those who made it one.

Despite this success, we have no intention of resting on our laurels. We are particularly anxious to expand the editorial content of HPR, so please feel free to email or call me to let me know what you’d like to read about in these pages. In addition, please continue to send me information about products that you think should be included. HPR’s editorial mission is to provide hearing care professionals with up-to-date information about the products and technology that benefit the hard-of-hearing. You’ve pronounced us a success. Now help us improve by telling us what you would like to read.

Jesse Kauffman
[email protected]