The Interacoustics Callisto system with TBS10 test box.

The Interacoustics Callisto system with TBS10 test box.

Interacoustics, Assens, Denmark, now offers Callisto users the TBS10 test box, designed to perform hearing aid diagnostics and RECD (real-ear-to-coupler difference) measurements in a compact modular solution. With the TBS10 test box, Interacoustics has further brought a hearing instrument testing (HIT) software module into its Callisto Suite. According to Interacoustics, the TBS10 test box and HIT module offers:

  • A small footprint;
  • A robust performance;
  • Coupler based hearing aid fitting (RECD inside the TBS10 test box);
  • Frequency range of 100-10,000 Hz;
  • Built-in test sequences based on IEC and ANSI standards, and
  • Test sessions that can be saved and recalled for later direct comparison.

“Users can customize their Callisto through dedicated software modules to create their personal combination for audiometry, REM, visible speech mapping, and now also HIT,” says Peter Brøndum Jensen, director of product management. “With the new TBS10 test box and HIT software, our CallistoTM now offers a complete fitting solution.”

For ease of use, the Interacoustics’ CallistoTM HIT module appears and is controlled in the exact same way as the Affinity2.0/Equinox2.0 HIT module.

The TBS10 test box is available for sale globally.

Source: Interacoustics