Lucid Hearing expands partnership with several retailers

Lucid Hearing, a Fort Worth-based global provider of advanced hearing technology and audio solutions, has announced its growing list of retail partners who are offering Lucid Hearing’s over-the-counter (OTC) product line. An August 2022 ruling finalized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opened the market for OTC hearing devices for the approximately 30 million Americans who need hearing aids. OTC devices are for those with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

“We’re thrilled to announce the retail partners who are joining us to provide some or all of our OTC product line in their stores and on their websites,” said Jason Kidd, president and COO of Lucid Hearing. “Since the opening of the market for OTC products, we’ve been learning more about the needs of our customers and have seen the demand only increase and surpass our expectations. We could not be more excited to offer our customers high-quality, technology-driven choices when it comes to their hearing health.”

Lucid Hearing’s OTC hearing aids range in price from $199.99 to $999.99 and can be purchased through Sam’s Clubs, both in-club and online, plus in-store at Best Buy, Kinney Drug, Health Mart, Boscov’s and other similar retailers. Lucid Hearing’s OTC products are also available online through Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, CVS, Crutchfield, Walgreens, the Home Shopping Network, QVC, and later this spring in the Army & Airforce Exchange Services (AAFES), select Kroger stores, and on The full line of products can also be purchased directly from

Currently, Lucid Hearing offers free hearing tests for people aged 19+ at more than 500 hearing centers across the nation, most located inside Sam’s Clubs. Sam’s Club members will also be able to purchase Lucid Hearing’s OTC devices with member-only pricing.

“Recently we performed a survey among our 500 audiologists and hearing specialists to get a read on what the OTC activity is looking like and to begin to better understand the needs of our customers who are seeking OTC devices as solutions for their hearing loss,” said Bennett Griffin, executive vice president of research and development for Lucid Hearing. “We’ve always produced our products based on research and data-driven intelligence, and particularly now with the OTC market being new, we want to continue to learn to ensure our devices will deliver the best quality and features possible. The research and intelligence-gathering never stops.”

Griffin added that the company’s initial survey results revealed hearing specialists are seeing more customers seeking OTC devices, which ensures that more people are receiving the assistance they need. They are also seeing individuals who are younger than the typical hearing aid demographic prior to OTC products, and individuals who are purchasing for a loved one. “The FDA ruling is serving its purpose, and that is to offer hearing solutions to more people who previously felt they couldn’t afford or were hesitant to get hearing aids,” Griffin noted. “OTC products are making it easier for those who need help with hearing loss, but until now haven’t done anything about it. Consumers are interested in high quality products that are discreet and easy to use. At Lucid Hearing our design and manufacturing experience is deeply rooted in research and technology, and we’re proud to be able to offer hearing health products at the caliber that customers want.”

Lucid Hearing’s OTC hearing aids offer numerous features including wireless streaming and varied styles including discreet in-ear and behind the ear offerings. Griffin added that Lucid Hearing’s significant investment in scientific and innovative pre-set programs for the company’s OTC devices was developed as a result of research done in conjunction with a top audiology research program at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). Lucid Hearing’s pre-set programs offer a unique advantage in that they help the vast majority of consumers with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss.

Additionally, Lucid Hearing is offering a new line of custom-molded wireless in-the ear hearing aids, with its unique Powered by Lucid sound processing technology. These custom fit wireless hearing aids are prescription-based devices and the industry’s first to provide the wearer with wireless connectivity and 128-channel technology, and app control through LucidShape™ with enhanced audio while streaming. Beta testers for the hearing aids have reported a more comfortable fit, along with a richer sound quality.

Information about Lucid Hearing’s full suite of products is available at